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karim zohrevandian

karim zohrevandian

Academic rank: Associate Professor
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5914-8734
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 57197786709
Faculty: Sport Sciences
Address: Arak University


Branding model of Maranjab region with the approach of sport and recreation tourism
recreational sports tourism, branding, destination brand, branding strategies, Maranjab region
Researchers karim zohrevandian ، Mojtaba Ershadian


Abstract The purpose of this research is the branding model of Maranjab region with the approach of sport and recreation tourism. This research is a type of developmental and applied research that has been conducted using a qualitative method. Purposeful sampling and in-depth interviews with 16 experts were used to collect research data. Three-stage coding was used in the theory of contextualization with the approach of Strauss and Corbin. The code resulting from the interviews and the background of the research was 798 open codes, which after removing commonalities; Number of 164 open codes, 34 core codes and finally in 5 groups 1) causal conditions (people's willingness to travel and tourism, society's expectations and need for sports, recreation and excitement, geographical and climatic location of Maranjab region, brand of Isfahan province in tourism, etc.), 2) background conditions (the presence of numerous stakeholders, regulations supporting domestic tourism, academic support, the advancement of technology, safety and security) 3) intervention conditions (national, provincial and city policies, managerial and branding perspective of officials, awareness and belief in branding and its results, collective participation in the region, etc.), 4) strategies (politicization of government institutions based in the province, study and research in the region, supporting investment and facilitating it, marketing and advertising, creating a branding unit with the presence of elites, creating a unique identity from Maranjab region, quality of accommodation services, providing a complete entertainment and sports package, dynamic and conscious management and planning in the region, creating destination brand components in the region and training and culturalization of the involved sectors), 5) Consequences (economic stability, income generation, investment, social benefits and urban community development, cultural benefits and lifestyle change, creating a fun tourist destination brand, etc.); and in the phenomenon-oriented model (branding Maranjab region in sports tourism ) were included in the Strauss-Corbin theory. By applying the present model, officials and managers can turn Maranjab region into a brand and a potential tourism destination of Isfahan province for the people of Iran and the world, so that its economic and non-economic benefits will accrue to the region, the province and the country.