2024 : 5 : 20
Seyed mohsen Hosseini

Seyed mohsen Hosseini

Academic rank: Professor
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3974-5312
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 55897505600
Faculty: Engineering
Address: Arak University


Intensifying antibacterial and electrochemical behaviors of CuO induced‑ion exchange membrane for water treatment
Ion exchange membrane · Water treatment · Antimicrobial effect · CuO nanoparticles · Ionic transfer properties
Journal Journal of Polymer Research
Researchers Seyed mohsen Hosseini ، Parisa Golshanikia ، Morteza Habibi ، Elham Jashni ، Jiangnan Shen ، Mohammad Ebrahimi


The PVC-based heterogeneous type cationic membranes were constructed by incorporation of copper oxide nanoparticles to enhance the antimicrobial and electrochemical behaviors of them in water treatment. The SOM and SEM/EDX indicated uniform structure for the fabricated membranes. Contact-angle results showed improvement of membrane surface hydrophilicity in presence of CuO NPs. Water uptake also changed by incorporation of CuO. According to 3D surface results, composite membranes showed rougher surface in comparison with pristine ones. The potential, t-number and permselectivity enhanced initially up to 1%wt CuO concentration and then declined by further CuO from 1 to 4%wt. All mentioned parameters increased again at 8%wt nanoparticles concentration. Ionic flux promoted for blended membranes up to 2%wt CuO and then declined by growing CuO. Blended membrane containing 0.5%wt CuO with lowest electrical resistance (< 9.6 Ω.cm2) and (> 94%) selectivity showed more appreciate act compared to reported ones. The CuO induced-ion exchange membranes exhibited superior antibacterial effect.