2024 : 6 : 17
Reza Pourimani

Reza Pourimani

Academic rank: Professor
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0102-0578
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 6505565793
Faculty: Science
Address: Arak University

Research activities

Journal Papers
The new design of heavy concrete as neutron and gamma shield using galena, B4C, and nanomaterials Reza Pourimani, Saeed Ghahani, Parisa Nobakht, Iman Mirzae Moghadam (2024)
Measurement of tritium concentration in heavy water by azeotropic distillation Reza Pourimani, Mohammad Reza Zare, Mehrdad Aghamohammadi (2023)
Calculation and modeling of 232Th distribution in Gorgan Bay in the Caspian Sea Seyed Mohsen Mortazavi Shahroudi, Reza Pourimani (2023)
Advanced fuel and burnable absorbers designed for long-cycle operation of BNPP Zahra papy, farokh khosh ahval, Reza Pourimani (2023)
Assignment of a radiological map of the city of Borujerd in Iran Reza Pourimani, mobin bajelan, monireh mohebian (2023)
Radiological assessment of different varieties of pistachios produced in Iran Reza Pourimani, monireh mohebian, Mobina abdi (2023)
Feasibility of utilizing radiochromic nickel complex gel for radiation processing vahid reza babaee, Reza Pourimani, sedigheh kashiyan (2022)
Dosimetric characterization of a Nickel complex for routine use in radiation processing vahid reza babaee, Reza Pourimani, sedigheh kashiyan (2022)
Trace elements analysis in the muscles and shell of shrimp in Iran using neutron activation technique Reza Pourimani, Mohamad Hosein Choopan Dastjerdi, Erfan hatam abadi farahani (2021)
Gamma radiation-assisted synthesis of Pt/Al2O3 nanocatalyst in microemulsion system Alireza Salabat, Alireza keshavarz, Sama Totkzaban, Reza Pourimani (2019)
Gamma Spectrometric Analysis of Iron Ore Samples of Arak, Iran Reza Pourimani, Hamid Reza Azimi (2016)
Magnet Design for Ultralow Emittance ILSF Storage Ring Farhad Saeidi, Mohammad Razazian, Javad Rahighi, Reza Pourimani (2016)
Normal conducting superbend in an ultralow emittance storage ring Reza Pourimani, Farhad Saeidi, Javad Rahighi, Hossein Ghasem (2015)
Natural radioactivity concentrations in Alvand granitic rocks in Hamadan, Iran Reza Pourimani, Raheleh Ghahri, Mohammad Reza Zare (2014)
Two-helium radiative capture process and the 8Be nucleus at settler energies Hossein Sadeghi, Reza Pourimani, Afshin Moghadasi (2014)
The asymptotic D-state to S-state ratio of triton Hossein Sadeghi, Reza Pourimani (2013)
Radionuclide Activity Concentrations in Some Wild Fungi and Nourished Mushrooms and Their Composts Reza Pourimani, Rouhollah Gheisari, Mitra Noori, Ms Sana Rahimi (2013)
Determining the amount of Br, Na and K in six wheat samples with neutron activation analysis (NAA) method in Arak, I.R. Iran Reza Pourimani, Khatoon Abasnejad, Khadijeh Ghanbarzadeh, Mohammad Reza Zare, Mahdi Kamali (2012)
Conference Papers
ILSF LOW EMITTANCE STORAGE RING MAGNETS Farhad Saeidi, Mohammad Razazian, Javad Rahighi, Reza Pourimani (2016)
Basic Design of Hybrid Three Pole Wiggler for ILSF Mina Abbaslou, Farhad Saeidi, Javad Rahighi, Mahmoud Sedaghatizadeh, Reza Pourimani (2016)