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Mohammad Parastesh

Mohammad Parastesh

Academic rank: Associate Professor
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0273-9955
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 36996681000
Faculty: Sport Sciences
Address: Arak University

Research activities

Journal Papers
Effect of eight weeks of moderate intensity endurance training on serum levels of troponin I and BNP in radiotherapy rats Mina Khaleghi, Khalid Mohamadzadeh Salamat, Mohammad Parastesh, Mohammadreza Bayatiani, Kamal Kamal Azizbeig (2023)
The effect of resistance trainingon serumlevels of sex hormones and sperm quality in male rats under X-ray radiation Mohammadreza Bayatiani, Fatemeh Seif, shiva Molavi, Zahra Yousefvand, Mohammad Parastesh (2022)
Aerobic training mitigates the negative impact of diabetes on fertility Abbas Saremi, Zahra Yousefvand, Mohammad Parastesh, Mohammad Bayat, Daniyal Ghahraman (2022)
The effect of moderate-intensity aerobic training on serum levels of TNF-αand IL-6 in rats undergoing radiotherapy Mina Khaleghi, Khalid Mohamadzadeh Salamat, Mohammad Parastesh, Kamal Kamal Azizbeig, Mohammadreza Bayatiani (2021)
The effect of high-intensity interval training on inflammatory markers in male rats undergoing X-ray radiation Mohammad Parastesh, Mohammadreza Bayatiani, Mina Khaleghi, Mohammadreza Sadeghian Shahi, Farahnaz Ayatizadeh Tafti, Behzad Aria (2021)
Effect of Aquatic Exercises on Severity of Urinary Incontinence and Estrogen Level in Postmenopausal Women Abbas Saremi, karim zohrevandian, Mohammad Parastesh, Samira Khalegi (2021)
Swimming Exercise Improves Rheumatoid Arthritis in Rat Abbas Saremi, Dariush Khajavi, Mohammad Parastesh, Saeid Tahmasebi, Narges Ramezani (2021)
Effect of exercise training on gene expression of adiponectin and its receptors in testicles and sex hormones in diabetic rats Zahra Nadi, Mohammad Bayat, Hadi Karami, Mohammad Parastesh, Parvin Dokht Bayat (2021)
A comparative study of the antidiabetic effect of two training protocols in streptozotocin-nicotinamide diabetic rats Mohammad-Reza Bayatani, mona alayi, Ahmad Akbari, Mehdi Sadegh, Amirhosein latifi, Jamal amri, Mohammad Parastesh (2021)
Physical Activity and Body Composition Profile of Infertile and Fertile Women Abbas Saremi, Alireza Bahramy, Mohammad Parastesh, Mina Ranjbar (2020)
Conference Papers

Executive activities

  • Counselor for brilliant students of the Faculty of Sports Sciences (1398 - 1402)
  • Educational and Research Deputy of the Faculty of Sports Sciences (1402 - 1404)
  • Director of the Sports Physiology and injury Department (1400 - 1402)