2024 : 6 : 22
Mohammadreza Motahari

Mohammadreza Motahari

Academic rank: Associate Professor
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2103-0204
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 55621034700
Faculty: Engineering
Address: Arak University

Research activities

Journal Papers
Damage detection in retaining wall structures through a finite element model updating approach Pooya Mohebian, Mohammadreza Motahari, Hossein Rahami (2023)
Prediction of Rock Tensile Strength Using Soft Computing and Statistical Methods Jinhuo Zheng, Minglong Shen, Mohammadreza Motahari, Mohammad Khajehzadeh (2023)
Evaluation and prediction of the rock static and dynamic parameters Marzieh Khosravi, Somayeh Tabasi, Hany Hossam Eldien, Mohammadreza Motahari, sayed Mehdi Alizadeh (2022)
Estimation of dynamic properties of sandstones based on index properties using artifcial neural network and multivariate linear regression methods sayed Mehdi Alizadeh, Amin Iraji, Somayeh Tabasi, Alim Al Aub Ahmed, Mohammadreza Motahari (2022)
Hybridization of Parametric and Non-parametric Techniques to Predict Air Over-pressure Induced by Quarry Blasting Xianqi Zhou, Danial Jahed Armaghani, Jinbi Ye, Mahdy Khari, Mohammadreza Motahari (2021)
Simulation of Buried Natural Gas Pipelines and Determination of Optimum Safe Depth zahra joneidi, Seyed alireza Mostafavi, Mohammadreza Motahari (2020)
Machine Learning Classifiers for Modeling Soil Characteristics by Geophysics Investigations: A Comparative Study Chee Soon Lim, Edy Tonnizam Mohamad, Mohammadreza Motahari, Danial Jahed Armaghani, Rosli Saad (2020)
Two novel combined systems for predicting the peak shear strength using RBFNN and meta‑heuristic computing paradigms Juncheng Gao, Menad Nait Amar, Mohammadreza Motahari, Mahdi Hasanipanah, Danial Jahed Armaghani (2020)
Analysis of Laterally Loaded Piles using Analytical and Numerical Methods Mohammad reza Maktabipour, Mohammadreza Motahari (2015)
Identification of key parameters on Soil Water Characteristic Curve Ali Akbar Heshmati, Mohammadreza Motahari (2013)
Extended Hypoplastic Constitutive Model for Cohesive Soils Ali Akbar Heshmati, Mohammadreza Motahari (2013)