2024 : 6 : 18
Mehdi Soleymani

Mehdi Soleymani

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Education: PhD.
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Address: Arak University


Adaptive fuzzy controller for active tuned mass damper of a benchmark tall building subjected to seismic and wind loads
fuzzy; adaptive; control; ATMD; earthquake; wind
Journal The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings
Researchers Mehdi Soleymani ، Masoud Khodadadi


Active tuned mass dampers (ATMDs) are one of the most effective solutions for mitigation of destructive effects of earthquakes and strong winds in tall buildings. In order to achieve optimal performance, these systems are designed and tuned to mitigate effect of either wind or earthquake excitation. However, due to different frequency contents and intensities of wind and earthquake excitations, which will cause contrasting structural modes stimulation, the ATMD designed for one of these disturbances may not work optimally for the other one. This paper addresses a methodological simulation approach for adaptive control design of ATMDs in tall buildings located in regions with high level of seismic activity and recurrent strong winds. For this purpose, a multi-objective adaptive genetic-fuzzy controller is proposed for the control of an ATMD of a benchmark 76-story building subjected to wind load and earthquake disturbances. Simulation results reveal that the optimal ATMD designed for earthquake disturbance does not work adequately for wind load disturbance and vice versa. Furthermore, the proposed adaptive controller has superior performance in suppressing base shear and inter-story drifts induced by wind load and earthquake excitations.