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Hamid Reza Dowlatabadi

Hamid Reza Dowlatabadi

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7763-6678
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 57188754727
Faculty: Literature and Languages
Address: Arak University


Violence Motivates Terrorism: Psychological Study of Richard Jackson's Confessions of a Terrorist
Keywords: Terrorism, Oppression, Psychology, Richard Jackson, Confessions of a Terrorist
Researchers Ameneh Morad(Student)، Hamid Reza Dowlatabadi(PrimaryAdvisor)


This thesis discussed terrorism and its consequences on people and literature equally. The thesis monetized a novel by Richard Jackson. The novel is fundamentally about terrorism and its effects on humanity. Also, this thesis explored terrorism and its definition, types, causes, motivations, the psychological, and sociological factors that contribute to the formulation of the terrorist's soul inside someone. The contemporary American artist Richard Jackson (1939) is an international leading expert on terrorism and professor of peace studies at the university of Otago. The selected novel Confessions of a Terrorist argues the terrorism as well. Jackson wrote his novel as an attempt to meet and speak with a terrorist face to face and to reveal forbidden truths. The horrific reality was exposed in the dialogues between the novel's two major protagonists, Professor Youssef and the British investigator Michael. They show people the opposite, despite the fact that the facts reveal the world's dominating authority were covertly treating people in many nations nothing as a human. The novel conclude that the disproportionate use of violence against people who were defenseless was the root cause of terrorism. British and American administrations, among others, inspired global terrorism by their brutal treatment of citizens in oppressed, weak nations.