2024 : 2 : 26
Amir-Mohammad Golmohammadi

Amir-Mohammad Golmohammadi

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Engineering
Address: Arak University


Energy efficiency for cooling buildings in hot and dry regions using sol-air temperature and ground temperature effects
Energy saving, Ground temperature, Hot and dry climate, Sol-air temperature, Underground building
Journal Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology
Researchers Amir-Mohammad Golmohammadi ، Ali Mostafaeipour


Purpose – In hot and dry climates, air conditioning accounts for a large portion of total energy consumption; therefore, this paper aims to investigate the impact of sol-air temperature and ground temperature on the loss of cooling energy in hot and dry regions of Iran. Design/methodology/approach – In line with this objective, the values of sol-air temperature along different directions and ground temperature at different depths were assessed with respect to climatic data of Yazd City. The impact of sol-air temperature and ground temperature on the rate of heat loss was investigated. So, energy loss of the walls aligned to four primary directions was calculated. This process was repeated for a 36 m2 building with three different shape factors. All analyses were conducted for the period from May to September, during which buildings need to be cooled by air conditioners. Findings – Numerical analyses conducted for hot and dry climate show that sol-air temperature leads to a 41-17 per cent increase in the wall’s energy loss compared with ambient temperature. Meanwhile, building the wall below the surface leads to a significant reduction in energy loss. For example, building the wall 400 cm below the surface leads to about 74.8-79.2 per cent energy saving compared with above ground design. The results also show that increasing the direct contact between soil and building envelope decreases the energy