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Ali Khadivi

Ali Khadivi

Academic rank: Professor
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Education: PhD.
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Faculty: Agriculture and Environment
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Morphological Variability of Berberis integerrima from Iran
Berberis · Berberidaceae · Morphology · Wild fruit · Principal component analysis · Scatter plot
Journal Erwerbs-Obstbau
Researchers Abbasali Jannatizadeh ، Ali Khadivi


Barberry is a valuable medicinal plant that belongs to family Berberidaceae. In the current research, phenotypic variations of 34 individuals of wild barberry (Berberis integerrima) were evaluated. Significant phenotypic diversity was detected between the studied accessions based on morphological traits. Significant correlations were found for variables related to seed and berry, so that seed quantity, seed width, seed weight and seed length were positively correlated with berry quantity, berry weight, skin bloom and berry length, respectively. Leaf length was in significant positive correlation with berry shape, berry skin bloom, seed length, and seed weight and in negative correlation with seed quantity. Principal component analysis showed that 77.75% of the phenotypic variability was explained by all components for the studied individuals. Variables such as seed length, width and weight, berry length and weight, spine length, leaf length, berry quantity, and seed quantity were predominant in the first three components and contributed most of the total variation. The present results have an important implication for characterization, improvement and conservation of barberry germplasm.