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Reza Pourimani

Reza Pourimani

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Estimation of yield strength due to neutron irradiation in a pressure vessel of WWER-1000 reactor based on the correction of the secondary displacement model
Radiation damage Elastic interaction Arc-dpa model WWER-1000 reactor ASTM E-693-01
Journal Nuclear Engineering and Technology
Researchers elahe mosleme miheni ، farokh khosh ahval ، Reza Pourimani ، Mohammad Amin Amirkhani Dehkordi


Due to neutron radiation, atomic displacement has a significant effect on material in nuclear reactors. A range of secondary displacement models, including the Kinchin-Pease (KeP), Lindhard, NorgettRobinson-Torrens (NRT), and athermal recombination-corrected displacement per atom (arc-dpa) have been suggested to calculate the number of displacement per atom (dpa). As neutron elastic interaction is the main cause of displacement damage, the focus of the current study is to calculate the atomic displacement caused by the neutron elastic interaction in order to estimate the exact amount of yield strength in a WWER-1000 reactor pressure vessel. To achieve this purpose, the reactor core is simulated by MCNPX code. In addition, a program is developed to calculate the elastic radiation damage induced by the incident neutron flux (RADIX) based on different models using Fortran programming language. Also, due to non-elastic interaction, the displacement damage is calculated by the HEATR module of the NJOY code. ASME E-693-01 standard, SPECTER, NJOY codes, and other pervious findings have been used to validate RADIX results. The results showed that the RADIX(arc-dpa)/HEATR outputs have appropriate accuracy. The relative error of the calculated dpa resulting from RADIX(arc-dpa)/HEATR is about 8% and 46% less than NJOY code, respectively in the ¼ and ¾ vessel wall. © 2023 Korean Nuclear Society, Published by Elsevier Korea LLC. This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC-ND license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/)