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Mousa Ahmadian

Mousa Ahmadian

Academic rank: Professor
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Education: PhD.
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Faculty: Literature and Languages
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بررسی تاثیر روش های تدریس مبتنی بر سبک های یادگیری بر پاراگراف نویسی دانش اموزان پایه دوازدهم
Learning styles – teaching techniques- paragraph writing – learning style-based teaching techniques – 12th grade learners
Researchers Fatemeh Habib nezhad(Student)، Mousa Ahmadian(PrimaryAdvisor)، Houshang Yazdani ghareaghaj(Advisor)


This study aims to investigate the effect of learning style-based teaching techniques in the performance of the female EFL learners of the 12th grade in paragraph writing. The participants included 32 learners fromKhondab, Iran. For this, the learners’ learning styles were identified through Kolb’s Learning Style Inventory developed by Honey and Mumford (1992). After having the learners homogenized by placement tests, they were assigned inexperimental and control groups. Through eight sessions of teaching paragraph writing, the experimental group received theteaching techniques devised upon their learning styleswhile the control group was exposed to a fixed set of teaching techniques in which learners’ learning styles were overlooked. Then, the learners’ paragraphs were scored, compared, and analyzed in both groups. As the session-to-session analysis showed, the p-values of sessions one to two, two to three, and three to four were more than 0.05 in both the control group and the experimental group; it showed no significant effect of matching learning styles to teaching techniques. On the other hand, the p-value for the t-test of the first and the final tests in the experimental group was 0.018, which demonstrates a significant effect. However, no significant effect was observed all through the test in the control group. It may thus be concluded that matching the teaching techniques to the learners’ learning styles can positively influence the paragraph writing of the female EFL learners of the 12th grade in paragraph writing in a long term.