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Mazdak Ebadi

Mazdak Ebadi

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
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Education: PhD.
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Faculty: Engineering
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Employing Multi-Phase DG Sources as Active Power Filters, Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
DG Interface, Fuzzy Logic Controller, Harmonic Compensation, Multilevel Cascaded Inverter, Transformerless inverters
Journal Journal of Power Electronics
Researchers Aliasghar Ghadimi ، Mazdak Ebadi


By placing distributed generation power sources beside a big nonlinear load, these sources can be used as a power quality enhancer, while injecting some active power to the network. In this paper, a new scheme to use the distributed generation power source in both operation modes is presented. In this scheme, a fuzzy controller is added to adjust the optimal set point of inverter between compensating mode and maximum active power injection mode, which works based on the harmonic content of the nonlinear load. As the high order current harmonics can be easily rejected using passive filters, the DG is used to compensate the low order harmonics of the load current. Multilevel transformerless cascade inverters are preferred in such utilization, as they have more flexibility in current/voltage waveform. The proposed scheme is simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK to evaluate the circuit performance. Then, a 1kw single phase prototype of the circuit is used for experimental evaluation of the paper. Both simulative and experimental results prove that such a circuit can inject a well-controlled current with desired harmonics and THD, while having a smaller switching frequency and better efficiency, related to previous 3-phase inverter schemes in the literature.