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Mahyar Abasi

Mahyar Abasi

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
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Education: PhD.
ScopusId: AAM-8891-2020
Faculty: Engineering
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A Comprehensive Review of Various Fault Location Methods for Transmission ‎Lines Compensated by FACTS devices and Series Capacitors
Fault Location, FACTS Devices, Reactive Power
Journal Journal of Operation and Automation in Power Engineering
Researchers Mahyar Abasi ، Mahmood Joorabian ، Alireza Saffarian ، Seyyed Ghodratollah Seifossadat


Fault location in transmission lines compensated by flexible alternating current transmission system (FACTS) devices and series capacitor (SC) compensators is much more complicated than simple lines due to the presence of time-variant voltage and current sources in the topology of transmission lines. In recent years, due to the increasing presence of reactive power compensators in power systems and the researchers’ desire to study the presence of such equipment in the network, many articles have been published in the field of fault location in transmission lines equipped with reactive power compensators. Thus, the fault location problem in electrical power transmission lines equipped with reactive power compensators, including FACTS and SC devices, is comprehensively discussed and analyzed in this paper. For the first time, all the basic indices and factors that have always been very effective in analyzing the fault location problem in transmission lines equipped with reactive power compensators in various papers are classified thoroughly. Then, based on the types of reactive power compensators, all the literature published in the field of fault location in compensated transmission lines are categorized. Finally, a comparison table is presented to examine the fundamental indices of the literature in this field.