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Houshang Yazdani ghareaghaj

Houshang Yazdani ghareaghaj

Academic rank: Associate Professor
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3628-1046
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 55311881700
Faculty: Literature and Languages
Address: Arak University


Effect of Khate Sefid Multimedia On Interest, Learning And Retention Of Four Main Skills In English Learning In Grade Tenth Male Students In Ghorveh. (2016-2017).
Khate Sefid Multimedia, Learning, Retention, Interest, English Skills
Researchers Saeed Moosavipour(PrimaryAdvisor)، Houshang Yazdani ghareaghaj(Advisor)، Kamal al-Din ezati(Student)


Considering the importance of using new technologies in Teaching English as a Foreign Language(TEFL), new methods of applying multimedia in teaching received special attention to help students learn better and more efficiently in and out of classes. The purpose of the present survey is to investigate the effect of Khate Sefid Multimedia on students’ interest, learning and retention in four English skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) based on their formal school textbook. To do this, a quasi – experimental method with pretest-posttest was used for both the control and experimental groups. The sample involved in this study consisted of students studying in grade ten in Abu-Reihan High School in the 2nd semester 2017 through the convenience sampling procedure. The sample included 51 male students randomly assigned into the experimental and control groups. The experimental group received the placebo based on the Khate Sefid Multimedia during a period of eight weeks and the control group received the normal teaching without the multimedia simultaneously. Two questionnaires were used as the instruments in this survey. The first one was a teacher- made questionnaire with appropriate reliability and validity designed based on the English learning skills to investigate the students’ learning and retention and the second one was CIS questionnaire containing subscales of attention, relevance, confidence and satisfaction to investigate their interest. Data analysis was done through the analysis of covariance, T-test and repeated measurement. The results of the survey revealed that there are significant differences between the two groups in a way that Khate Sefid Multimedia generally increased the students’ learning, retention and interest.