2024 : 5 : 24
Hassan Moradzadeh

Hassan Moradzadeh

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Engineering
Address: Arak University


Implementation of Basic Image Processing Blocks on Portable Platforms
Image processing; basic blocks; OpenCV library; Windows; Portable platform; Android
Researchers Hassan Moradzadeh ، Mahboobeh Marzban


Image processing of new knowledge and its history dates back to the invention of the digital computers. However, this young science in the last few decades, significant progress has both theoretical and practical aspects. This progress was fast enough that now after a relatively short time, it can be easily observed the trace of image processing in many of science and industrial such as monitoring and control systems, medical devices, the control of industrial products, etc. Years ago, a lot of software have been developed to facilitate image-processing applications, perhaps the most famous of them is in MATLAB image processing toolbox. The OpenCV library is an open source library for computer vision. This library is in C and C++ under Linux, Windows and many other platforms and is very suitable for real-time applications. Many portable platforms have come to the market today, such as android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, etc. Android platform has been selected in this work to implement basic image processing blocks because it is more useful, easy access and user friendly than other ones. In addition, basic blocks are implemented on windows platform.