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Ali Khadivi

Ali Khadivi

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Effect of chitosan and thymol essential oil on quality ‎maintenance and shelf life extension of peach fruits cv. ‎‎‘Zaferani’‎
edible coating, panel test, shelf life, quality maintenance‎
Journal Journal of Horticulture and Postharvest Research (
Researchers reza rahimi ، Babak ValizadehKaji ، Ali Khadivi ، Iman Shahrjerdi


Purpose: Peach is a climacteric fruit which have rapid ripening. An alternative to maintain quality and extend the shelf ‎life of this fruit could be the use of edible coatings. Research Method: In the present study, the effect of three different ‎coatings; 0.5 % chitosan, 200 mg L- thymol essential oil and their combined use on postharvest quality of peach fruits ‎cv. ‘Zaferani’ were investigated. Dipping fruits in distilled water was used as a control. Changes in weight loss, fruit ‎firmness, total soluble solids (TSS), sensory attributes, decay incidence, anthocyanin and carotenoid content of fruits ‎were evaluated during 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 days storage at 6 °C. Findings: The results showed that the combination ‎of chitosan and thymol presented more effective preservative effect than sole chitosan or thymol coating. The coated ‎fruits with 0.5 % chitosan + 200 mg L- thymol showed significantly lower weight loss, fungal decay and TSS than ‎control treatment. Furthermore, the coated fruits with 0.5 % chitosan + 200 mg L- thymol exhibited significantly higher ‎firmness, anthocyanin and carotenoid content and sensory characteristics than control treatment. In addition, the ‎highest shelf-life (28.33 days) was recorded in fruits coated with 0.5 % chitosan + 200 mg L- thymol. ‎Originality/Value: The coating composed of chitosan and thymol essential oil can provide an efficient alternative for ‎quality maintenance and shelf life extension of peach fruits. ‎