2024 : 4 : 18

Rahim Dehghan

Academic rank: Instructor
Education: MSc.
Faculty: Literature and Languages
Address: Arak University


A Comparative Study of Using Language Learning Strategies by Qashqai-Persian Bilingual and Monolingual Persian EFL Learners in Writing
Language Learning Strategies, Bilingualism, Monolingualism, Writing Skill, EFL learners, The Qashqai Bilinguals
Researchers Mousa Ahmadian(PrimaryAdvisor)، Rahim Dehghan(Advisor)، Hossein Karimi(Student)


Many Iranian schools consist of many monolinguals and bilinguals, which is interesting for the researchers to find out the similarities and differences in the learners’ English learning. Various studies have been done on different groups and different aspects of language (see Poorebrahim, Tahririan, and Afzali (2017), and Modirkhamene (2011). Although a number of research projects on mono/bilinguals have been carried out in Iran, the Qashqai-Persian Bilinguals compared with Persian monolinguals in learning English language skills have been almost overlooked to date; thus, this study tried to fill the gap a bit. Based on the previous studies, and due to the fact that Iran has a large number of bilingual people, in this study, two groups of monolingual and bilingual learners consisting of 50 male EFL Iranian third grade secondary high school students (25 in each group) aged 17-19 were compared to see if there are any differences in their using language learning strategies in their writing development and performance. To get the results, the researcher used pretest-posttest design and One-Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. Using Oxford's (1990) taxonomy, the results showed that language learning strategies do not seem to be an effective variable used by Persian monolingual and Qashqai-Persian bilingual EFL learners’ writing skill. However, the rather similar performances of groups might have mostly been influenced by the type of similar experimental conditions to which the bilingual and the monolingual groups were assigned and they received the same instruction on writing. Based on the findings, the study suggests that considering the specific similar EFL situations, the instructors should not be concerned about their students’ being monolingual and/or bilingual as this variable is not likely to affect their writing abilities. However, the teachers should be aware of learners’ strategy use to assist them to be good language learners.