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Mohammad Ali Bodaghifard

Mohammad Ali Bodaghifard

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Alkyl amino pyridine-functionalized NaY zeolite (synthesis and characterize)
NaY zeolite,amino pyridine,functionalized
Researchers hakimeh behyar ، Z Kalateh ، Mohammad Ali Bodaghifard ، Mojgan Zendehdel


Alkyl amino pyridine-functionalized NaY zeolite (synthesis and characterize) Hakimeh Behyara , Zahra Kalateha , Mohammad Ali Bodaghi Fard , Mojgan Zendehdel*a a Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Arak University, Arak 38156-8- 8349; Iran *Corresponding author: m-zendehdel@araku.ac.ir 1. Introduction Homogeneous organic catalyst such as Alkyl amino pyridines have been used as active catalysts for many different organic reactions. The use of these soluble catalysts has variable drawbacks such as purification of the final product (s) from the reaction mixture and further catalyst recyclability which offer considerable complexity to the reaction that may render it industrially unacceptable. Thus, the heterogonous catalyst are a logical step to avoid these problems. The recoverability and reusability offered by heterogeneous systems, to give high yields in short times and sometimes without the need for organic material, lead to green chemistry [1] In the present work, alkyl amino pyridin-functionalized NaY zeolite has been prepared. 2. Experimental Organic modification of NaY zeolite with 3-chloro propyltriethoxysilane (3-ClPTES) was performed by stirring 0.1 g of porous materials with 3-CPTES (0.10 g, 0.45 mmol) in 20 mL dry toluene at 110 ºC for 24 h. The solid was filtered and washed with ethanol and acetone, and air dried at room temperature and 2-amino pyridine (1g) was added to it and refluxed . The powder separated and washed with ethanol. The elemental analysis of modified compounds shows the molar ratio that confirmed immobilized amine on the porous material structure. 3. Results and discussion The FT-IR spectra of hybrid materials indicate an intense band about ca.1022 cm-1 attributable to the asymmetric stretching of Al–O–Si chain of zeolite. The symmetric stretching and bending frequency bands of Al–O–Si framework of zeolite appear at ca.791 and 463 cm-1, respectively . The FT-IR spectrum of Alkyl amino pyridines/zeolite (Fig. 1) shows the C-H and N