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Mina Taghizadeh

Mina Taghizadeh

Academic rank: Associate Professor
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4639-9630
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 57194150302
Faculty: Agriculture and Environment


Effect of Chitosan on Propagation of Zamiifolia as Tropical Ornamental Indoor Plant by leaf Cutting
cutting position, mother leaf, rhizome, rooting, substrate
Journal Ornamental Horticulture
Researchers Fatemeh Badizadegan ، Mousa Solgi ، Mina Taghizadeh ، Ahmad Reza Abbasifar


Zamiifolia (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is an ornamental and perennial medicinal plant, which belongs to Araceae family. This plant holds a prominent place in the economic significance of this particular plant family. This study aimed to examine the process of root development and rhizome production through leaf cuttings of zamiifoliain the this experiment. This experiment was conducted as factorial design within a completely randomized framework design with three replications. Experimental treatments composed of chitosan application at three levels (0, 250 and 500 mg L-1), and the positioning of leaflet cuttings along the main axis of the mother leaf (apical, middle, and basal). After the application of the treatments, the leaflet cuttings were subjected to a four-month rooting period. This rooting process took place in a growth medium consisting of a balanced mixture of perlite and cocopeat mixed in a volume ratio of 1:1. The results exhibited significant effects of different chitosan concentrations on several parameters, including rhizome number, rhizome width, the number of roots, and the quality of the mother leaf. In addition, the type of leaflet cutting demonstrated a significant influence on the width and number of rhizomes. These results demonstrated that the application of chitosan at concentrations of 250 and 500 mg L-1 had a positive effect and resulted in increased rhizome number, rhizome width, and number of roots. Overall, it can be concluded that chitosan can promote the growth and development of zamiifolia by stimulating rhizome production and improving root proliferation.