2024 : 7 : 15
Mehdi Hossein Yazdi

Mehdi Hossein Yazdi

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3763-6507
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 55332944500
Faculty: Agriculture and Environment
Address: Arak University


The time spent in fresh cow pen influences total lactational performance
305-day milk; fresh cow; grouping; productivity
Journal The Journal of Agricultural Science
Researchers Fatemeh Hoseyni ، Davoud Zahmatkesh ، Ehsan Mahjoubi ، Mehdi Hossein Yazdi ، Robbert Patton


This research paper addresses the effect of different grouping strategies of fresh cows on total lactational and reproductive performance. Hundred-sixty multiparous Holstein cows were enrolled in a completely randomized design and assigned to one of following treatments: 21 days in fresh pen with 12.5 kg/day concentrate (C21, n = 60), 10 days in fresh pen with 12.5 kg/day concentrate (C10, n = 50) and 10 days in fresh pen with 10 kg/day concentrate (L10, n = 50). Although there were no differences among treatments within the first 10 days in milk (DIM), C10 and L10 cows tended to produce more milk than C21 from 10 to 21 DIM. In addition, greater milk yield was obtained in C10 and L10 cows during 22– 28 DIM and 29–70 DIM. Higher production in early lactation resulted in a tendency for greater milk production for C10 and L10 cows throughout a 305 days lactation. There was no difference in productivity between C10 and L10 groups at any time point. No blood metabolites (Ca, P, non-esterified fatty acids and β-hydroxy butyrate) were affected by treatments. Pregnancy at first, second and third service was 38, 39 and 40%, respectively, which were not influenced by the days in fresh pen or concentrate allowance. Collectively, our results for the first time suggest that fresh cow grouping strategy has a long-term effect on productivity but that adding 2.5 kg/day concentrate has no effect on milk yield in fresh pen.