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Ehsan Salehi

Ehsan Salehi

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A review on hybrid membrane-adsorption systems for intensified water and wastewater treatment: Process configurations, separation targets, and materials applied
Adsorption Membrane filtration Hybridization Integration Wastewater treatment Process intensification
Journal Journal of Environmental Management
Researchers Yeganeh Hasheminejad Ahangaran Darahani ، Mahdi Askari ، Ehsan Salehi ، Sareh Okhovat


In the era of rapid and conspicuous progress of water treatment technologies, combined adsorption and membrane filtration systems have gained great attention as a novel and efficient method for contaminant removal from aqueous phase. Further development of these techniques for water/wastewater treatment applications will be promising for the recovery of water resources as well as reducing the water tension throughout the world. This review introduces the state-of-the-art on the capabilities of the combined adsorption-membrane filtration systems for water and wastewater treatment applications. Technical information including employed materials, superiorities, operational limitations, process sustainability and upgradeing strategies for two general configurations i.e. hybrid (pre-adsorption and post-adsorption) and integrated (film adsorbents, low pressure membraneadsorption coupling and membrane-adsorption bioreactors) systems has been surveyed and presented. Having a systematic look at the fundamentals of hybridization/integration of the two well-established and efficient separation methods as well as spotlighting the current status and prospectives of the combination strategies, this work will be valuable to all the interested researchers working on design and development of cutting-edge wastewater/water treatment techniques. This review also draws a clear roadmap for either decision making and choosing the best alternative for a specific target in water treatment or making a plan for further enhancement and scale-up of an available strategy.