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Ehsan Salehi

Ehsan Salehi

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Reliable Kinetics for Drug Delivery with a Microfluidic Device Integrated with the Dialysis Bag
drug delivery systems, dialysis bag, microfluidic device, release profile
Journal Molecular Pharmaceutics
Researchers Javad Esmaeili ، Aboulfazl Barati ، Ehsan Salehi ، Jafar Borhanian


The clinical success of a drug delivery system turns back to performing experiments with more reliable data. The dialysis bag has been one of the most employed technologies to monitor drug release from nanocarriers, membranes, and scaffolds. Unfortunately, this technology has several challenges regarding the accuracy of the obtained results. In this study, the development of a new system by integrating a microfluidic device and dialysis bag named “MF-dialysis” was carried out to evaluate the accuracy of the reported data. The release study was performed focusing on two drug delivery systems: (i) nanocarrier: Artemisia Absinthium extract-loaded soy protein isolate nanoparticle and (ii) sodium alginate film loaded with the nanocarrier. The obtained nanocarrier was analyzed by SEM, DLS, and zeta potential. The final experimental data were modeled using SigmaPlot software. Based on the results, two distinct but fitted models for the dialysis bag (power model, R2 = 0.99) and MF-dialysis (exponential model, R2 = 0.95) were obtained. MF-dialysis approved that after a while, NPs and films showed more drug release compared to the dialysis bag. To sum up, the MF-dialysis system can be a good candidate for a quick and more reliable study of drug delivery systems.