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Alireza Salabat

Alireza Salabat

Academic rank: Professor
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Education: PhD.
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Faculty: Science
Address: Arak University


Ex vivo evaluation of celecoxib release from ionic liquid-based microemulsions and microemulgels for topical applications
Microemulsion · Ionic liquid · Celecoxib · Drug release · Microemulgel
Journal Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society
Researchers Alireza Salabat ، elham parsi


The aim of this study was to introduce new ionic liquid (IL)-based microemulsions and microemulgels as topical delivery systems for celecoxib. Ex-vivo difusion of celecoxib loaded in IL-based microemulsions and microemulgels through the rat skin by using Franz difusion cell was investigated and compared with traditional microemulsions. The investigated systems composed of the same nonionic surfactant/co-surfactant of tween-80/transcutol®P, and diferent oil phases of [BMIM][PF6], [OMIM][PF6] and isopropyl myristate, for construction of ILs/W and O/W microemulsions. The particle size of the ILs/W and O/W microemulsion systems was determined by DLS method. The ex-vivo release results of ILs/W and O/W formulations, at similar conditions, showed that the celecoxib permeability of the ILs/W formulations is more than that of the O/W formulation, either as microemulsion or as microemulgel. As an interesting result, the celecoxib release percent and release rate from the ILs/W systems was more and faster than the O/W system. The kinetic mechanism for ILs/W systems had followed from frst-order model and for O/W systems followed Higuchi zero-order model