2024 : 6 : 14
Ali Khadivi

Ali Khadivi

Academic rank: Professor
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Education: PhD.
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Faculty: Agriculture and Environment
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Genetic relationships and diversity of common apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) based on simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers
Genetic diversity Prunus armeniaca L. Simple sequence repeats (SSR) Transferability Germplasm characterization
Journal Biochemical Systematics and Ecology
Researchers Ali Khadivi ، Mehdi Yarahmadi ، Abbasali Jannatizadeh ، Aziz Ebrahimi


Apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) is considered as an important species of the stone-fruit crops, and grown in temperate zones. In the current study, the genetic diversity of 37 apricot genotypes was investigated using 13 simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers. Totally, 60 alleles were identified with an average of 4.62 alleles per locus, implying that the studied apricot germplasm presented a high level of genetic diversity. A significant ratio of transferability was measured, and we deduced that the tested markers derived from peach and almond have enough potential to detect polymorphism and differentiation in apricot. The UPGMA and Bayesian clustering analyses outlined the genetic relationships of apricot genotypes tested from different geographical distributions and separated the genotypes into four main clusters. This study will facilitate the understanding of the conservation strategies of the genetic diversity in apricot in Iran.