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Ali Khadivi

Ali Khadivi

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A Morphometric Study of Autochthonous Plum Genotypes Based on Multivariate Analysis
Plum · Phenotypic diversity · Morphopomological variables · Multivariate analyses
Journal Brazilian Journal of Botany
Researchers Ali Khadivi


Iran is one of the most important plum producers in the world. The present study was conducted to compare agro-morphological characteristics of 100 traditional plum genotypes in Iran. The results showed statistically significant differences between the studied genotypes and leaf dimensions, fruit shape, fruit density, fruit color and fruit flesh firmness showed the highest relative range of variation. Flowering time was extended from 25 March to 5 April and fruit ripening from late July to early August. There were high positive correlations between fruit weight and fruit dimensions and between fruit weight and leaf dimensions. Principal component analysis showed high discrimination capabilities of variables measured. Most of these variables were characters linked to fruit and leaf size. Cluster analysis grouped the studied genotypes into two main clusters with several sub-clusters. In can be concluded that fruit weight, fruit color and fruit flesh firmness are very important characteristics and probably are the first characters to be considered in a farmers selection process. The results of the current study provided information which may be useful for determining the biodiversity of autochthonous genotypes, for the purposes of obtaining guidelines in determining in situ and ex situ germplasm characterization. Keywords Plum · Phenotypic