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Ali Khadivi

Ali Khadivi

Academic rank: Professor
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Faculty: Agriculture and Environment
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Relationships among fourteen species of Satureja growing wild in Iran detected with molecular markers
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Researchers javad Hadiyan ، Ali Khadivi


The genus Satureja is an important plant with a number of aromatic and medicinal properties. In this research, the relative efficiencies of amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) and selectively amplified microsatellite polymorphic loci (SAMPL) were used to detect genetic relationships among 14 species of Satureja, growing wild in Iran. Eleven AFLP and 14 SAMPL primer combinations produced 999 and 1142 scorable bands, respectively, all of the fragments of which were found to be polymorphic. The average genetic similarity values based on Jaccard's coefficient were 0.24 and 0.21 for AFLP and SAMPL, respectively, indicating considerable distance and diversity in the studied germplasm. The correlation coefficients were statistically significant between both marker systems (r = 0.89). UPGMA derived from the combined binary data matrices of both markers depicted genetic distinctions among the studied species and clustered them into two main clusters and several groups. S. edmondi showed the maximum distance from other species and was placed into a single main cluster, while the maximum similarity was obtained between S. rechingeri and S. khuzistanica. Our results indicate that both marker systems are suitable for differentiating individuals and species of this genus.